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Deadline: April 12, 2016

U.S. Department of Justice: Second Chance Act Technology-Based Career Training Program for Incarcerated Adults and Juveniles

The goal of the Technology-Based Career Training program is to increase the post-release employability of the incarcerated population in technology-based jobs. The objective of the program is to establish and provide career training programs for incarcerated adults and juveniles during the 6-36 month period before release from a prison, jail, or juvenile facility with connections to follow-up services after release in the community. Training components should be relevant to specific technology-related needs of in-demand jobs within the geographic area to which the individuals will be returning. Each participant should receive an individualized reentry plan that addresses post-release transition services including employment support services.

Applicants must clearly demonstrate their ability to comply with the following:

  • Demonstrate a partnership with a training entity (e.g., community college, job center, employer-sponsored training program) to provide technology-based job training in the identified confinement facility(ies).
  • Provide technology-related job training in occupational fields (e.g., computer programming, web and mobile application development, or technological aspects of positions in fields including auto mechanics, manufacturing, health, etc.) for which there is labor demand in/around the geographic areas to which target population participants will be returning.
  • Identify a moderate-to high-risk target population to receive services as identified using a validated assessment tool.
  • Provide a baseline recidivism rate for the target population.
  • Ensure all program participants receive individualized reentry plans and case management that link them to community-based services and employment support post-release.
  • Ensure the ability to collect and report data on participant post-program employment outcomes and participant recidivism indicator data.

Amount: Approximately $3,750,000 is available for up to five awards of up to $750,000 each for a period of three years.

Eligibility: States, units of local government, territories, and federally recognized Indian tribal governments, including institutions of education that are considered to be units of state or local government.

Link: https://www.bja.gov/funding/SCAtechcareers16.pdf

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