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Deadline: April 29, 2015

U.S. Department of Justice: Second Chance Act Two-Phase Adult Reentry Demonstration Program – Planning and Implementation

The goal of this program is to support jurisdictions to develop and implement comprehensive and collaborative strategies that address the challenges posed by reentry to increase public safety and reduce recidivism for medium to high risk individuals reentering communities from incarceration. Within the context of this initiative, “reentry” is not envisioned to be a specific program, but rather a process that begins when the individual is first incarcerated (pre-release) and ends with his or her successful reduction in risk of recidivism and community reintegration (post-release).

During the Planning Phase of the program, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to establishing a robust reentry program. During this phase grantees will receive intensive technical assistance and will be required to complete and submit a Planning and Implementation Guide provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) technical assistance provider, the National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC), which will guide each grantee in developing a strategic plan that incorporates evidence-based programs, policies, and practices. Grantees will also be required to establish a relationship with a research partner.

During the Implementation Phase, grantees will:

  • Target criminogenic needs that affect recidivism
  • Provide sustained case management and planning in the community
  • Support a comprehensive range of services for the formerly incarcerated
  • Provide staff training, coaching, and performance evaluation on evidence-based practices
  • Provide resources for civil legal aid, access to health care, and transitional employment
  • Develop or use an existing data system to track progress

The target population for the initiative must be a specific subset of medium- to high-risk individuals as identified using a validated assessment tool, and convicted as an adult and incarcerated in a state, local, or tribal prison or jail.

Amount: BJA anticipates making up to 10 awards of $1,000,000 each, which include $75,000 for the planning period and $925,000 for a 24-month implementation period.

Eligibility: State and local government agencies and federally recognized Indian tribes (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior). Applicants must be able to track unique identifiers for participants, gain access to recidivism data, and report recidivism data.

Link: https://www.bja.gov/Funding/15SCAReentryDemoSol.pdf

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