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Deadline: April 28, 2023

Visit Albuquerque Tourism Grant Program

The overarching goal of the Visit Albuquerque Tourism Grant program is to spark innovative ideas that contribute to Albuquerque’s vibrancy and build new, creative visitor and resident experiences that grow a more diverse and thriving tourism economy. Investments in tourism help showcase Albuquerque’s diverse cultures, authentic art and dynamic traditions, while also supporting outdoor recreational and entertainment amenities and

Applications will be evaluated according to how projects demonstrate alignment with Visit Albuquerque Tourism Grant Program’s THRIVE criteria (detailed below) and the capacity of projects to increase the number of overnight visitors to the assessed lodging business and the city of Albuquerque. Preference will be given to projects operating in the city of Albuquerque that build new, innovative experiences or assets with an estimated completion date on or before March 31, 2024. Additionally, applicants that demonstrate collaboration between multiple community organizations of various sizes are more likely to receive grant funding.
* T (Tradition): In Albuquerque, there are countless customs and traditions passed down over generations that are a vibrant part of daily life. Identify how elements of Albuquerque’s culture, customs and traditions will come to life in the project.
* H (Hospitality): Albuquerque offers totally unique experiences, which change how visitors see the world as well as how they view themselves and their lives when they return home. Identify how the project will deliver on Visit Albuquerque’s brand promise
to: “Come to see different things. Leave seeing things differently.”
* I (Innovation): Visit Albuquerque Tourism Grants encourage innovative ideas that spark creativity and grow the local economy. Identify how the project’s imaginative spirit and approach invests in the community and supports the growth of the local tourism economy.
V (Vibrancy): Albuquerque’s unique neighborhoods reflect its diversity, have distinctive personalities, a variety of places to stay, things to do and delicacies to eat. Identify how the project will create opportunities to increase community vibrancy and engage stakeholders and residents.
* E (Experience): Visiting Albuquerque allows people to experience the authentic Southwest. Identify how the project will develop authentic, exciting experiences that honor the unique multicultural history and heritage of Albuquerque.

Project types and examples:

1. Experience, including:
* Agritourism tours highlighting local cuisine n
* Film and fan experience tours
* Programs and initiatives that promote the vibrancy of Albuquerquebneighborhoods and community spaces such as hospitality ambassadors.
* Guided outdoor recreational tours connecting landscapes and historical elements
* Family-friendly programing

2. Infrastructure:
* Wayfinding and signage improvements along visitor corridors and/or to
attractions, trailheads and destination icons.
* Infrastructure improvements that enhance Albuquerque’s competitive position to attract desirable special events year around.
* Improvements to existing venues and facilities.

3. Arts and Culture
* Local Artist and Artisan Workshops
* Programs, workshops or exhibitions that amplify Native American and Pueblo Indian history, culture and art.
* Programs, workshops or exhibitions that amplify Hispanic history, culture and art.

* Incubator grants: Six awards ranging up to $10,000 each will be made. Number of awards is not specified.
* Innovator grants: Awards range up to $50,00. A 1:1 funding match is required for the amount requested.

Eligibility: Applicant organizations or businesses must be located in New Mexico and be registered as a federally recognized for-profit or nonprofit entity. For-profit entities are encouraged to consider applying for Visit Albuquerque Tourism Grant funding with a non-profit partner. Projects demonstrating collaboration between multiple community organizations of various sizes are more likely to receive grant funding.

Note: Incubator Visit Albuquerque Tourism Grants require two letters of support. Innovator grants do not require letters of support, however do require a 1:1 match.

Link: https://www.visitalbuquerque.org/tourismgrants/


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