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Deadline: December 13, 2021

WITH Foundation

The WITH Foundation provides support to organizations that promote the establishment of comprehensive healthcare for adults with developmental disabilities that is designed to address their unique and fundamental needs. Proposed projects should improve delivery of healthcare to adult customers with developmental disabilities and include at least one of the following activities:

* Improve health practitioner competency through education and/or training programs
* Address the current inadequate reimbursement system
* Advance formal care coordination including the utilization of trained support personnel/caregivers
* Enhance public awareness regarding the inadequacies of developmentally disabled care in order to advance systemic change
* Increase understanding of supported decision-making in healthcare settings
* National efforts in digital health that support designers and developers to include the perspectives/experiences of the IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) community within the design process, in order to create better technology for all
* Social policy research
* Identify and overcome barriers to high-quality healthcare access
General operating support is only considered for grantees that have previously utilized the Foundation’s project funding

Amount: Grants typically range from $30,000-$50,000.

Eligibility: Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations. Applications accepted nation-wide with some preference given to organizations serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Link: https://withfoundation.org/grant-guidelines/

Note: The Foundation holds open grant cycles annually that begin March 1 and November 1 of each year. It also holds an RFP cycle that opens on July 1.

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