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Deadline: November 15, 2015

XQ Institute: The Super School Project

The XQ Institute exists in service of parents and pioneers, entrepreneurs and teachers, business leaders and administrators, youth and education experts—who are joining a movement to rethink America’s schools. XQ refers to:

  • IQ: How We Think. It measures your cognitive capabilities.
  • EQ: How We Learn In The World. It measures the ability to connect, collaborate, and learn from others.
  • IQ + EQ + That Certain Something = XQ. XQ is the agile and flexible intelligence that prepares students for a more connected world, a rapidly changing future, and a lifetime of learning.

The Super School Project is an open call to reimagine and design the next American high school. Teams will first self-assemble; then, immerse themselves in the leading thinking and research on how students learn today; spend time unearthing student needs and the changing demands of the world of work; and do rigorous systems-thinking to build their ideas into the next American high school:

  1. Team up: Self assemble a team. No one knows exactly how to build the next American high school. Your team will chart their own path, which starts by determining who in your community has the skills, the passion, and the ambition to walk with you.
  2. Discover: Explore the landscape of education and the realities of the community you want to serve. Start by understanding young people. Ask about their needs, aspirations, and dreams for the future; study the latest science on how people learn; and learn more about the community your school will serve.
  3. Design: Use what you discovered to design a super school for the community. Take what you’ve learned and use it to come up with audacious, unconventional, unconstrained ideas to reinvent the American high school. Look at your ideas through several different lenses to make sure you’ve taken every opportunity to innovate. Consider school mission and culture; teaching and learning; student agency and engagement; and networks and partnerships that extend learning beyond the school.
  4. Develop: Map out a formidable plan for turning your super school idea into reality. This includes human capital and training; financial model and sustainability; facilities, technology, and time/infrastructure; governance; performance management and evaluation; and implementation capacity.

Amount: $50 million will be available to support five new schools for $10 million each for a 5-year period.

Eligibility: Design teams composed of individuals at least 13 years old and one team leader who is at least 18 years old.

Link: http://xqsuperschool.org/challenge

Note: The call for concepts opens on October 15, 2015.

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