February 24, 2023

Federal Appropriations: FY2024 Budget Requests Now Open 

We are now entering federal appropriations season. If you are unfamiliar with federal appropriations, you can learn about them by reading our March 2021 blog post, Appropriations Season, by Tonia Brown. 

The below information is unique to organizations located in New Mexico. 

For those interested in pursuing federal Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) in 2023, there is a rapidly approaching deadline for a preliminary interest form for Senator Ben Ray Luján. This short form is due Monday, February 28, 2023: https://www.lujan.senate.gov/fy24-cds-preliminary-interest-form/.

The Senator’s office will later release the more detailed project submission form. We recommend that anyone who may apply for capital or project funds go ahead and submit this for their project or projects. If moving forward to the actual submissions, we recommend contacting and submitting projects to both Senators and all Congress members whose district overlaps the project service area.  

Eligibility and Project Examples

State, local, and Tribal government entities, non-profits, and public institutions are eligible to make Congressionally-Directed Spending (CDS) requests. Projects cannot be designated for private individuals or for-profit entities but can support programming or capital projects for a specific project in a specific location. Typically, these are grants but can be other discretionary budget spending (e.g., contract, loan, loan guarantee).

For examples of previously funded projects, funding levels, and subcommittee details, visit this announcement page for last year’s appropriations. As shown, New Mexico local government projects included things like fire engines and fire stations, water and wastewater infrastructure, recreational trails, trauma-informed crisis responders, diversion programs, police equipment, housing and housing electrification, behavioral health facilities, corrections center medical facilities, industrial park development, roadways, building maintenance, downtown district development, and more.

Updates on Other Delegation Members’ Appropriations Requests:

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