October 2, 2017

Grant Opps to Your Inbox

Do you have a hard time knowing what to apply for and when? The Grant Plant offers an easy, affordable way for you to stay aware of grant opportunities. We have always offered a listing of available grants on our website calendar – which is mobile-friendly, chock-full of grants, and updated daily. This calendar function now offers a few new features to make it even easier to find the right fit.

First – and most importantly to our New Mexico peeps – all of the opportunities are screened for eligibility in our home state. (For those of you outside of NM, the bulk of them are open to you as well.) In NM, as a flyover state facing a deep philanthropic divide and a low corporate presence, many of the grant search engines turn up opportunities for which our nonprofit community is ineligible. So we cut through that static right here at the beginning.

Second, the opportunities are categorized by funding priority so you can find what you’re looking for most efficiently.

Third, for only $5/month, you can save the time of proactively going to our calendar and instead register to have grant opportunities in as many categories as you want pushed directly to your inbox. One alert comes per day for each category.

Finally, for those of you who are potential super-users of this grants calendar, or who want additional grant writing resources, consider subscribing to our nonprofit arm’s Cooperative Network of Nonprofits ($50/month). This Co-op focuses on bridging the philanthropic divide in NM by helping nonprofits secure national and federal funding and contains a wealth of grant-related resources. In addition to the deadlined grants calendar, it also lists open-call opportunities (rolling submissions) and forecasted opportunities. Plus it offers other grant related resources, opportunities to network and connect with other like-minded professionals, current news in the grants world, insider tips, and more.

How else can we help you meet your grant seeking goals? Let us know at [mail@ thegrantplantnm.com].








Contact: Erin Hielkema, Vice President, erin@thegrantplantnm.com



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