April 15, 2024

Grant Watch: Week Ending in 4/12/2024

The Grant Plant routinely reviews funder websites and notices and is pleased to share some upcoming opportunities with you. 

Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Youth Literacy Grants program, April 25, 2024 10:00 pm CT

Dollar General Literacy Foundation announced their Youth Literacy Grants program is open for 2024. The program focuses on implementing new or expanding existing literacy programs purchasing new technology or equipment to support literacy initiatives or books, materials or software for literacy programs. Eligible applicants are Schools, public libraries, and nonprofit organizations who help K-12 students. Awards are announced August 22, 2024.


Department of Transportation, INFRA Grants, May 6, 2024 

INFRA Projects are open for very specific public transportation projects that are identifying a need in their local communities. Eligible project types for INFRA are:

  1. A highway freight project on the National Highway Freight Network 
  2. A highway or bridge project on the National Highway System 
  3. A freight intermodal, freight rail, or freight project within the boundaries of a public or private freight rail, water (including ports)
  4. A highway-railway grade crossing or grade separation project 
  5. A wildlife crossing project 
  6. A surface transportation project within the boundaries or functionally connected to an international border crossing that improves a facility owned by Fed/State/local government and increases throughput efficiency 
  7. A project for a marine highway corridor that is functionally connected to the NHFN and is likely to reduce road mobile source emissions 
  8. A highway, bridge, or freight project on the National Multimodal Freight Network

If your project is eligible, the applicants for the grant include: a State or group of States,  a metropolitan planning organization with a population of more than 200,000 individuals, local government or group of local governments, a political subdivision of a State or local government, a special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority, a Federal land management agency that applies jointly with a State or group of States, a tribal government or a consortium of tribal governments, or a multistate corridor organization or multijurisdictional group of entities. Awardees are eligible for $2,270,520,000 in funds with over $2.7 Billion available.


Department of Justice, OJJDP FY24 Arts Programs for Justice-Involved Youth, May 21, 2024, 11:59 pm ET 

The Department of Justice has announced their FY24 Arts Programs for Justice-Involved Youth program. It exists to develop, expand, or enhance promising and effective interventions for justice-involved youth. Justice involved youth are defined as those participating in court-ordered diversion programs in detention, correctional, or other residential facilities, and/or are on probation due to a delinquency finding by juvenile court. Eligible organizations can be city, county, or township governments, institutions of higher education, Native American Tribal governments, nonprofits and other units of local government, such as towns, boroughs, parishes, villages, or other general purpose political subdivisions of a state. Awards will be up to $50,000 and anticipated 4 awards will be given out. 


Department of Agriculture (USDA), ReConnect Loan and Grant Program, May 21, 2024, 11:59 a.m. ET

USDA’s ReConnect Loan and Grant Program furnishes loans and grants to provide funds for the costs of construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities and equipment needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas. Potential awardees must meet a 100 Mbps symmetrical minimum service requirement in all proposed service areas. Eligible organizations include: corporations, LLC, LLP, state or local governments, territory or possession of the US, or an Native American Tribe. The maximum award amount is $25M. No match is required. 


First Nations Development Institute, Advancing Tribal Nature-Based Solutions Grant, May 22, 2024 at 5:00 pm MT 

First Nations Development Institute opened the Advancing Tribal Nature Based Solutions Grant. The grant works to provide natural solutions to problems such as climate change, experiencing extreme weather, rising sea levels, extended drought, warming temperatures, and melting permafrost. The overall goal is to protect the existing ecosystems, support human wellbeing, and provide biodiversity on tribal lands. Eligible applicants are native tribes and communities. First Nations will be awarding 6 grants up to $200,000 each. Notifications will be made by August 14, 2024.


Department of Justice, NIJ FY24 Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative (CVIPI) Research and Evaluation, June 18, 2024, 11:59 pm ET 

DOJ has announced their Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative (CVIPI) Research and Evaluation to be open for FY24. The CVIPI has two funding categories: 1) Evaluation research of programmatic sites funded under the OJP FY23 and FY24 CVIPI solicitations and 2) evaluation research of other community-violence programs. Duration of grant is 60 months total with a start date of January 1, 2025. Applicants may have project partners, but only one organization may be the applicant. Funding available is dependent upon category: Category 1: $5,000,000 and Category 2: $1,000,000. 


Bank of America, Economic Mobility Focused on Needs of Community, June 21, 2024 

Bank of America has two opportunities for grants including the Economic Mobility Grant.The focus of this grant is for affordable housing or small business resiliency. The first track is affordable housing emphasizes the importance of safe, reasonable housing for overall well-being. The small business resiliency track helps provide economic growth for local communities with emphasis on entrepreneurship. Awardees are eligible for $2,500 – $25,000 in funds. Portal opens for submission on May 27, 2024.


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