March 12, 2024

More Than Grants: Risk Assessment

This is a series about services that The Grant Plant provides in addition to our highest-volume offerings of grant research, writing, and reporting.

Being a grant professional, especially in a consulting firm that operates across a variety of industries and sectors, entails much more than “just” writing. It’s about program design, budgeting, data analysis, project management, facilitation, research, and beyond. On our team, we’re fortunate to have more than a dozen exceptional grant professionals. Each team member brings their unique perspective, strategic thinking, and commitment to excellence. 

Because our team thrives on collaboration and continuously strives to better serve our clients, we’ve leveraged our complementary skills to develop a range of service offerings tailored to meet clients’ varying needs. We’ve primarily shared these offerings on an as-needed basis; now we’ve refined our service suite and are looking forward to engaging clients using a cohesive approach to support.

This is a series about services that The Grant Plant provides in addition to our highest-volume offerings of grant research, writing, and reporting. The beauty of these services is that they offer flexibility that enables us to accommodate new clients and work them into our mix. Instead of scrambling to meet grant deadlines, you can schedule these services in advance – whether it’s three, six, twelve months, or beyond – and we can explore working together and future engagements. By scheduling ahead, you’re not just securing our expertise – you’re investing in your future grant success and enjoying peace of mind knowing you have a plan in place.

Beyond grant research, writing, and reporting, our services encompass supplementary expertise and capabilities. Today, let’s talk about…


Risk Assessment

Whether you’re thinking about applying or already celebrating a successful grant win, we can guide you to identify and assess risk areas and plan for monitoring and internal controls to ensure excellent grant program delivery.

Before you write your application, we’ll collaborate with you to pinpoint potential risk areas. We’ll help you identify monitoring systems and internal controls you can utilize and highlight in your application, ensuring a more competitive proposal and a better likelihood of successful delivery of your grant program. We understand those moments when you’re weighing the decision to potentially manage a complex grant – let us ease your uncertainties and give you confidence.

If you’ve successfully won a grant, congratulations! Now, let’s safeguard your journey ahead. Our team can identify potential hurdles that could stall your project, foreseeing areas prone to oversight, and ensuring compliance is at the forefront. We’ll work with you to preempt delays and navigate systems, financial, or other compliance issues that may arise. This has been our #1 request of clients who are managing complex federal grant funding.

With customized strategies in place, you can relax knowing you’re equipped to mitigate risks. We can be your ally in securing and safeguarding your grant endeavors.

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