August 26, 2011

Post-Script: Erin Makes it Better

We couldn’t possibly let Erin’s article go to press without including the incredibleness of Erin. So we secretly started a fun exercise: Erin is to TGP as ___ is to _____.

For example, mine was Erin is to TGP as a table is to family dinners. She makes everything more meaningful, brings people together (in fun ways, as a team-builder, and when we need serious talks), and lends an air of refinement.

Marya agreed with the table analogy: We can all come together as friends and equals, we bring our best to the table and it is accepted and nurtured into something bigger and better than what we could each do on our own.

But because I’m talking to a bunch of creative brains, locking them into the confines of a metaphor without character limits just wasn’t going to work (except for Holly – now here is a gal you want to review your proposal to make sure you’ve followed the directions in the RFP!) So, in their own words, here is what Erin means to Team TGP:


Erin is to (me at) TGP as a Lifeguard is to a sinking child. She keeps me afloat when I am drowning.


Soothing and caring, like aloe vera gel

Open, concerned, and supportive, like a good friend

Appreciative and generous, like Santa

And the perfect balance between calm/grounded and stressed out, like the person I want to be.

She makes my experience at TGP better than it would be without her (it would still be good, but just not as good). Kinda like sprinkles on a cupcake.


Erin to me is:

  1. The complete package – she is able to do it all quite well (write, research, budgets, interface with clients, etc.)
  2. Thorough – she has a that rare dedication to detail and enough concentration to stick to the hard (or really boring) stuff
  3. Open, but also conclusive – she is always approachable, but even more, she is great to work with on a project because she will look at context with an open mind but then will just “know” if its right (mostly referring to matching clients with funders here, but also can be applied in other areas)
  4. Caring and genuine – she wears her heart on her sleeve, which shows us all how much she cares about TGP

I value her greatly as my greatest research collaborator 🙂


I was sitting today and thought about Erin and I decided she is like chocolate is to milk. I love milk and milk is sooooo good, but add some chocolate and make chocolate milk and… yummy!!! (Or maybe an orange to Blue Moon, or lime to Corona.)

TGP is good but Erin makes it soooo much better.


Forgive me if I gush, but she’s a good soul from the word go, so it all bears saying.

Erin is naturally

A guiding light







(and therefore a great mediator and mentor)

Brilliant (in both ways, as the English use it)

Always appreciative (a wonderful character trait! that indicates much harmony with life)


My experience is that oftentimes Erin is like that critical player for a sports team. The one that the camera isn’t on but once the dust settles, you realize they were the engine. So many times, Erin is quietly chugging along and you realize she’s been burning the candle at both ends on some monster project.

And the lifeguard/life preserver metaphor [Holly used]. We yell “help” and she is bound to toss it. And queen of the Census and other complex research bits. And well-rounded; she can do it all with skill.

It was really fun for us to toast Erin, but even more important to acknowledge the role that Erin plays. She plays it quietly. She plays it humbly. She expects no recognition even though she is very deserving of it… and like all of our sentiments above, she has a knack for making everything so much better!

So, don’t let her article fool you: Erin is the tick and tock behind the TGP clock.

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