April 11, 2020

Updates on Emergency and Other Funds for COVID-19 Relief

This week has been a whirlwind as nonprofits and funders alike address the impact COVID-19 has on our health, the economy, and our community. We’re witnessing an unprecedented response from both government and philanthropy. We started maintaining a list of COVID-19 related grant opportunities for which New Mexico nonprofits are eligible just over two weeks ago; this list has since grown to 37 grant opportunities for organizations. Yesterday, we started adding individual relief funds that might benefit our friends and partners in arts organizations in particular.

In our state, which already faces health disparities, has a high poverty rate, and barriers to service (especially in rural communities), it will be critical to be proactive in accessing available funding. Some highlights of out-of-state funding that we encourage you to share with organizations in New Mexico to help our state access some of these relief funds include:

We continue to encourage you to email us if you know of an opportunity that would benefit New Mexico agencies and people for inclusion on this growing list.

The Grant Plant wishes all our clients, partners, and friends health and wellness now, and in the times ahead.

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